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Pros and Cons of Hiding Your Security Cameras

Hidden security camera installation is not very common, but sometimes they are the right solution. Compared to the classic surveillance cameras, mounted in sight, with the clear purpose of discouraging unfriendly attempts of certain individuals, hidden cameras are not created to be visible because their role is to surprise flagrant crimes.

Those who consider that they need such a surveillance solution will find in this article some useful tips and concrete recommendations.

Advantages and disadvantages of hiding your security cameras

The main advantage of a hidden security camera installation in Colorado is that it offers complete and quick capture of any event, without being spotted (or destroyed!). The second advantage is the possibility of installing hidden cameras even in the most obvious places. Correctly installed, they become impossible to detect by those who have no idea they are there. This way, you can choose their optimal position for capturing events.

There are also disadvantages. In general, to avoid being visible, hidden cameras are manufactured in small sized, so that they can be hidden in various objects. The small dimensions also produce a series of disadvantages in terms of technical limitations. Depending on the model, these limitations may be: the lack of an infrared illuminator (therefore a poor image in dark conditions), a small image sensor and lens translating into a small coverage angle etc.

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Fred Frazier
Fred Frazier

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