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Features of a Home Security Camera System

Unfortunately, many homes are “visited” by thieves, each year, and many people lose not just money and objects, but also their peace of mind, which cannot be compensated by any insurance policy.

By purchasing and scheduling a home security camera installation in Colorado, you can greatly improve the chances that your home will not be broken into. Such a system can have a burglar alarm system as well as security cameras, and installing one for your home can bring you considerable discounts when purchasing a home insurance.home security camera installation in Colorado

The DVR or NVR are the components of the digital video surveillance system with the most functions. These are considered the “brain” of the system and provide display and registration, integration with Cloud services and also backup and accessibility.

The hard disk is for storing information. Even if it looks like a normal desktop hard disk, it is actually created specifically for CCTV systems.

As for the cameras, they have many important specifications to consider: compatibility with the DVR or NVR, resolution, infrared illuminator and lens (the type of lens determines the method of adjusting the focalisatio).

The power source is also one of the features of a home security system. Cameras can be supplied either individually, using smaller sources, for each room separately, or from a common source. Both variants are correct, as long as their general power supply is centralized and is in the same phase as the rest of the component equipment.


Fred Frazier
Fred Frazier

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