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Trends in School Security

install school security camera systems to help protect your students

The frequent incidents that have taken place in schools lately have amplified the need to install video surveillance systems. Most incidents are minor, such as theft of personal items or money, but bullying is a phenomenon that seems to grow wider and there are also more and more cases of violence against teachers or attacks against students. Statistically speaking, the number of these events is growing, so the necessity to install security systems in schools is obvious.

The benefits a video surveillance system protecting an educational facility includes:

  • Increasing the safety of students and teaching staff
  • Restrict access of intruders to the school premises
  • Increased control in terms of inputs and outputs, within the school perimeter
  • Elimination of potential injuries and material losses caused by unforeseen events
  • Prevention of potential acts of violence

Important aspects to consider

  • Identification of potential problem areas – these will include the perimeter of the building, the parking lots used by school staff and the areas where students usually gather: corridors, playgrounds, canteen and private study rooms.
  • Applying the appropriate solutions – one of the most effective solutions to combat bullying and violent behavior is to install school security camera systems in areas where the behavior is most likely to take place. Another possibility would be the involvement of permanent patrols.
  • The correct placement of the CCTV system – this will ensure the efficiency of the surveillance cameras that will help to deter violence and provide useful information for investigating the causes of the incidents.


Fred Frazier
Fred Frazier

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