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Helping Children Feel Safe at School with Surveillance Systems

surveillance cameras in schools can enhance school safety

The schools that install surveillance systems on their floors and in their rooms will benefit from the double advantage of making the premises safer and of making the kids as well as their parents feel safer as well. While the presence of security officers is also known to increase safety as well as peace of mind, human guards who patrol the building without help from cameras are much less efficient – here is how monitoring surveillance cameras in schools can take school security to a new level:

  • A deterrent for crime – the schools equipped with camera systems not only seem safer – they are safer, indeed. The presence of the cameras tells potential intruders that they should stay away from the school and they inform those who would otherwise be planning some sort of illicit activity while in the school building that their actions will be recorded, thus reducing crime rates efficiently;
  • Monitoring all activity on the premises, during the day and at night, too – modern devices are connected to messaging systems and will send the person in charge of security a text message or an alert whenever someone, for example a student, enters and area that is closed or banned;
  • Peace of mind for the parents, more popularity for the schools – the schools that are equipped with modern surveillance systems enjoy more popularity among the parents as well as among the students or pupils.
Fred Frazier
Fred Frazier

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