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Advantages of Investing in Small Business Security Systems

small business security systems

Most small businesses benefit enormously from a video monitoring system, if they get exactly the level of quality they need, coupled with the best price. A small business typically has monitoring distances of up to 15 meters, with the possibility to cover employees, working area, storage area and people passing through.

Whether we are talking about a bar, a workshop, a car service, a store – all these businesses are very popular and generally require similar surveillance systems in terms of the number of cameras and features.

One of the cameras must be placed outside, above the main entrance, to cover access to the location. Also, a camera must monitor the cash register, another one the work area and a fourth camera is required in the area where the merchandise is stored.

There must also be 1-3 cameras for general surveillance of the location.

Recommended equipment for small business security systems must contain a medium performance DVR with up to 8 inputs and surveillance cameras that comply with several rules:

  • Provide HD images to identify as much detail as possible in the footage – money operations, goods and other actions to be monitored
  • Provide quality images even in low light conditions
  • Have a viewing angle as wide as possible
  • Offer an adjustable zoom, especially when it comes to the cameras that supervise money and cash registers


Fred Frazier
Fred Frazier

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