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Visual Surveillance Security Trends in 2020

The video surveillance industry has undergone many transformations in the past decade. A simple CCTV camera is no longer enough, as the possibilities and needs of the customers have undergone countless changes. In 2020, you may see some changes in commercial security camera systems trends.

commercial security camera systems trends

By 2020, cloud and edge computing technology is expected to work closer and closer together.

Using artificial intelligence in the field of video monitoring is still something new, but we cannot say the same thing about cloud technology. Most organizations have already transferred their entire infrastructure to a cloud-based model. Data collection centers grow exponentially, but so does the amount of data. This may become critical at some point, despite the development of technologies that reduce storage and bandwidth needs. This is when the benefits of edge computing technology begin to emerge. Edge computing places data processing at the edge of the network, where the data is collected by the sensor, before it is transmitted further to the data center.

The integration of sensors capable of intelligent responses is another trend in video surveillance. Sensors can bring many benefits, but we expect 2020 technologies to include more and more sensors capable of “smart” actions quickly. For example, an environmental sensor could operate a video camera or a thermal camera and identify fires or other incidents, sending quick alerts that would lead to more efficient responses.


Fred Frazier
Fred Frazier

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