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We live in an age when technology is constantly developing. Every day, progress is being made in electronic engineering, and its applications are also expanding in the field of CCTV.

The average consumer does not always have the time necessary to study the technical data sheets of the products that are part of a video surveillance system. Many people make the mistake of choosing the surveillance camera Denver system according to the kind and/or number of cameras, but they forget that the recording unit is the one that provides the information captured by the camera.

surveillance camera Denver system

You should choose a DVR/ NVR at the expense of the capture boards. In order to record captured images, a surveillance camera must be connected to a capture unit. Consider the number of cameras you want to mount and choose the capture unit according to their number. There are DVRs/ NVRs with variable number of cameras connected simultaneously, from 4 channels to 256 channels. At the same time, if you want higher image quality, it is important to choose a DVR/ NVR with a high recording resolution (not to be confused with the LIVE playback resolution!). Most of the capture units nowadays also have the possibility of audio recordings by connecting a microphone. So, take into account the number of channels and the number of microphones you want to mount.



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