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Innovations in Surveillance Systems 2019

The last few years have seen many innovations in the field of video surveillance, one of the most important being the apparition of thermal imaging cameras. The technology behind security camera installation in Colorado offers superior image quality even under the most difficult conditions involving mist, rain, snow or complete darkness.

The new series of thermal imaging cameras are designed to find heat sources capable of delivering detailed images. They do not require lighting; they are excellent for detecting objects or people in complete dark conditions. Thermal cameras also have remote detecting and measuring capabilities. They are effective even in the worst weather conditions. Additionally, they are not affected by the bright light produced by various sources.

security camera installation

How does it work?

The image quality obtained with a thermal camera depends on the temperature difference between the environment and the target object. The higher the temperature differences, the better the images will be. Infrared radiation is captured by the lens and transmitted to the radiation detector, which converts it into an electrical signal. The electrical signal will be processed in the image, and then monitored by users through the network connection.

Thermal cameras can trigger alarms in order to inform the user when the temperature exceeds the normal levels. They are ideal for intelligent video analysis, combining efficiency and high performance. They provide intelligent detection, analysis, tracking and control.



Fred Frazier
Fred Frazier

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