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Can Security Systems Help Prevent Vandalism?

Visual Security LLCVisual Security LLC video surveillance systems are often used to discourage theft and vandalism, temptation and intention, but such a system can also do a lot when it comes to your protection.

There vandal-proof cameras, created for those who need an IR night vision surveillance system. They represent efficient models able to display quality images day and night.

They are made from metal and other durable materials to resist impact and severe weather conditions. Vandal-proof cameras represent the optimal solution for locations where traffic is intense and there may be vandalism events and other security risk (airports, prisons, banks, shops, malls, residential complexes or office spaces etc. Here, in the event of a criminal act, an ordinary surveillance camera will be broken easily.

Vandal-proof cameras are more shock-resistant than other types, but also harder to open and adjust. These operations can only be done by using a special tool, which releases the fastened security screws.

These cameras are equipped with an image sensor and have Full HD resolution. With their help, you will surprise sharp, high-quality images. Vandal-proof cameras have varifocal lenses that provide a very good viewing angle that allows you to zoom in on an object, for closer monitoring, or zoom out to get a large general view of the supervised area.


Fred Frazier
Fred Frazier

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