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Why Hotel Security Systems are Popular

Managers of hotels, hostels, boarding houses etc. should have in the list of their priorities the installation of a video surveillance system, in order to guarantee the smooth running of their activity and of course the safety of the clients and employees alike. Video surveillance systems are mandatory in such institutions and must be installed by a company authorized in the installation and design of anti-burglary systems. Hotel managers will take a major risk if they install the system themselves, because there is a risk of accidents, not to mention fines for non-compliance with the regulations.

General considerations:

  • Hotel commercial security camera systems should be installed in working areas, and the cameras must be as visible as possible
  • Warning stickers with “attention, this area is video monitored” are mandatory
  • Reception areas and trading areas where operators manipulate monetary values ​​or goods should also be monitored

commercial security camera systems

The benefits of installing surveillance system in a hotel: goods will be safer, customers will feel more comfortable and employees will be more productive.

Installing a video surveillance system in a hotel must not be performed before assessing the area to be monitored, determining the estimated need for video cameras and signing up the installation contract and security equipment billing.

Fred Frazier
Fred Frazier

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