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Protecting Your Security Cameras from Tampering

In order to vandal-proof your security cameras, you have a few options: reconsider camera placement, use hidden cameras, get protective covers for your cameras, go wireless to prevent cables from being cut and also prevent breaches by using good passwords and encryption.

However, it is even better to invest in vandal-proof surveillance cameras, created with very resistant protection. Their reliability, functionality and state-of-the-art features make a significant contribution to the security level you get. These cameras are designed to be protected from tampering.

Opting for an anti-vandal surveillance camera should be considered for the security of your home and business alike. In areas with high security risk, it is absolutely necessary to implement such cameras. They can be used successfully in airports, prisons, warehouses, parking lots, banks, hotels or shops.

anti vandelism security

Reasons to opt for vandal-proof security cameras:

  1. They are difficult to open and adjust. This is ensured by the use of special safety screws, which require a special tool for being released.
  2. They are made of materials resistant to significant impacts and have metal casings that will not break, not even when are being hit with a hammer or a baseball bat.
  3. The related cables are managed efficiently, by some special techniques, ensuring their protection against different acts of vandalism.

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Fred Frazier
Fred Frazier

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