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How to Prevent Agricultural Crime as Efficiently as Possible

ranch security systems

Agricultural crime encompasses everything from petty theft of agricultural products, to the vandalizing of agricultural property or the violation of environmental regulation set in place to protect the biosphere or some other aspect of the environment.

The fact that the population density on most farm land is quite low leaves many people to conclude that crime must be low as well. However, recent statistics show this isn’t true. In fact, because there aren’t many people around, farmers and visiting individuals might feel safe breaking laws and committing acts that can harm the environment or another persons property.


To prevent agricultural crime, it’s important to set in place a system that allows authorities to keep track of certain areas and items that there would be motive to steal, damage or vandalize. For instance, setting up covert ranch security systems in a natural area that should be protected from human intervention can catch any culprits trying to exploit the land or dump unwanted waste that could damage the fragile ecosystem there.

Similarly, illegal hunting, tree cutting and stealing of agricultural goods can be tracked through camera systems and drones, as well as other advanced technological creations, such as motion sensors set in key areas where people have no business wandering into.

Fred Frazier
Fred Frazier

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