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If you own a store, and you don’t have proper security, chances are that sooner or later someone will break in and steal something, especially if your store’s location is a busy street in a large city. As they often say, however, money doesn’t grow on trees, and not everyone has enough capital to buy the most expensive and efficient retail store security cameras out there. So what are your main options to maximize the security of your retail store? minimize loss with retail store security cameras One option is to buy a basic surveillance camera system. Equipped with a single camera monitoring your store’s only entrance, this system can provide you with footage of a potential break-in. Simply having a surveillance camera can help a great deal. It can assist in identifying the perpetrator and provide authorities with key insights that might even help them return your stolen goods. For an added security solution, you can build or buy a simple motion sensor alarm that will be triggered when the motion sensor is activated. Motion sensors are highly effective in detecting any kind of motion within the radius of a few feet, so when activated, they will seamlessly detect any open doors or windows, or even just the presence of an undesirable individual in your store and close to your goods.

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