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Should You Hide Your Commercial Surveillance Cameras?

The decision to hide or to advertise your security cameras depends on many factors – having visible cameras around come with just as many benefits as having cameras disguised or hidden and creating the illusion that someone might be watching from the shadows all the time, even if that someone is invisible.

construction site surveillance camera

A visible construction site surveillance camera is especially useful for outdoor surveillance for the simple reason that they not only capture crimes while they are perpetrated, but they also deter them, informing the potential perpetrator that your premises are not their turf. Well-placed, visible cameras also come with the benefits of offering a much wider viewing angle and usually much better footage quality.

When it comes to indoor security, hidden cameras might be a better option. Hidden indoor cameras do not disrupt the design of your reception area or of your offices, especially if you choose covert cameras that look like common décor elements, such a wall clock or a plate. Covert indoor cameras offer employers the chance to watch their employees work in a relaxed way, thinking that nobody is watching and are excellent ways to find out which members of your teams work really hard and who are not and they also provide indubitable information about the culprits in case of any theft, damage or accident at the workplace.

Fred Frazier
Fred Frazier

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