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The Best Times to View Your Security Camera Footage

 If you have a daycare camera surveillance camera system installed at your daycare location, it is a good idea to watch the footages periodically or whenever you think that the cameras have recorded something that requires your attention. Here are some more details about the best times to watch the videos:

  • Weekly watch-throughs – at the end of the week, perform a quick watch-through of the footages recorded during the week. Most systems allow you to set the playing speed, so checking what happened during the last few days shouldn’t take too much of your time, especially if your cameras are configured to turn on only when they detect motion at night;

daycare camera surveillance

  • Start the week checking what happened during the weekend – this is especially important in the case of systems installed on commercial facilities or residential building that are not used in the weekend. According to the statistics, most illegal actions against buildings take place during weekends, when there is nobody in the building;
  • After longer periods when the building is out of use, such as vacations;
  • Whenever you suspect something has happened – security cameras record not only theft, burglary and vandalism. They are excellent for monitoring what your employees or the members of your family are doing, so watch your security footages whenever you want to find out who did what and when on premises.
Fred Frazier
Fred Frazier

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