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Items to Include on Your Business Security System Checklist

Business security systems are complex networks of sophisticated, interconnected devices and as any complex network, these security systems also need regular maintenance to be able to function properly. Here are some of the tasks that should be included into your security checklist – some of the tasks need to be performed every day and there are weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks, too, but all of them are essential for system safety:

  • End of day security checklist – checking whether windows and doors are closed and locked, whether storage doors are secured, heating and cooling devices are turned off or down, whether interior lighting has been turned off and exterior lighting turned on, along with the sensors attached to the cameras are daily tasks;
  • Weekly tasks – archiving recorded materials and checking the proper functioning and the integrity of the system hardware, such as the cameras is a weekly task;
  • Tasks done by Visual Security company – the computerized networks and the software packages that make your entire security system work need to be maintained, too, but the task should be performed by a technician who represents your security company or by your own, in-house security officer or programmer, if that is what your agreement with the security company stipulates.

Visual Security

Fred Frazier
Fred Frazier

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