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How Does Facial Recognition Work?

Facial recognition is an innovative solution for people’s security and protection. Biometric technology for recognizing face features is basically an effective and accurate alternative to monitoring and authentication solutions that can be used in different areas.

Facial Recognition is a type of biometric software which can identify or verify a person based on a digital image, by accurately analyzing human traits. It does not perceive the face of an individual, but only the plurality of adjacent pixels that form the digital image.

Facial recognition technology uses learning algorithms to compare images and find identities. Practically, this technology can be compared to other similar identification technologies such as fingerprinting, retinal scanning or voice recognition.

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Facial recognition technology compares different facial features and creates a pattern of about 80 points in the form of a numeric code. These features can be the jaw, the shape of the cheeks, the size and shape of the nose, the distance between the eyes etc. All of these measurements are stored by the system in a database and then compared to the face of the person standing in front of the camera to confirm their identity.

Facial recognition systems can be integrated into IP surveillance cameras and allow remote monitoring through the digitized network. The cameras must be positioned so that faces can be properly captured, and facial recognition can be effective. In addition, for night-time facial recognition, cameras with WDR included are recommended.

Although your business may not need facial recognition security, contacting a reputable security cameras Colorado retailer for a security consultation will help prevent business theft and help protect your business.


Fred Frazier
Fred Frazier

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