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Preparing Your Building for Security Camera Installation

apartment security camera

If you are currently planning to have an apartment security camera system installed in your rental property or on your commercial apartment building, you should not only find the security company that provides the solution that is the most adequate for your needs and requirements – you also need to prepare your building for the installation of the system. Here are some of the most important tasks:

  • Determine exactly where you want your cameras to be installed – figure out the best place around your front and back door, in the common spaces, such as in the kitchens or lounges, driveways and porches, stairways;
  • Determine the location for the recording device and of the computer that will store the data. If the system will be installed on a commercial building, find a small room or an office that only authorized personnel has access to;
  • Ask your security company for recommendations regarding the placement of the cameras – the exact place needs to fulfil lots of practical requirements that only experts know about, such as factors related to height, viewing angle, the installation of the wiring;
  • Make sure that the wiring in the building is suitable for the purpose, that all the connections and outlets used by the cameras function correctly.
Fred Frazier
Fred Frazier

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